2023.04: Spring brings new topics! 🍓

Dear friends and members of our Agile Community,

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and the first signs of spring are making their appearance. How was the weather at urs?

This month we have again compiled exciting topics and news for you.
You can look forward to interesting meetups and events.
We hope you enjoy reading and wish you a wonderful start into spring!

We would like to pick you up from what has happened in april and give you a little sneak peek into May, so be curious.

If you would like to send us feedback directly by e-mail, you can reach us at we@theagilehub.io.

We are excited and looking forward to the upcoming events with you!

And now we hope you enjoy reading,
Ben, Björn, Sonja, Tim and Dani from the AgileUFRA organising team.

Platform News

We want to tell you what is new on theagilehub Platform:

  • On our homepage you will now see the latest Meetup date in the header.

  • If you want to have an overview of all our Meetups, we have provided you with a calendar overview of upcoming and past Meetups. Here you can directly access the event pages and register.

Community News

  • We have @Tim_Schneider on board! He supports the organising team and will also post and discuss here. Click here for a short introduction: Who is Tim Schneider?
    Welcome Tim, we are glad that you are here:)

  • Mayflower Product Owner Camp 2023: The central community event in open space format for all product-relevant roles who want to train and exchange with peers in an agile context. The presale has started. Get your ticket now! And remember our promo codes.

More Infos on the AgileUFRA Ontour-Meetups

As already mentioned in the last infoletter, we would like to offer you on-site Meetups. Finally we can announce some information: on 14 June we can finally see each other in 3D and network in real life! We will meet on the Adidas Campus in Herzogenaurach/Germany Are you up for it? We are! Save the date more Infos will be released soon:)

Past AgileUFRA Meetups:

If you missed a Meetup we have made all the documents available to you in the private category: Meetup documentation. To access these documents, you need to register on TAH first!

What’s coming in the next time

We already planned more topics for you. Safe the dates if theres a topic you like and leave us feedback in the comments if you have any more suggestions for us:

  • 4 to 6 July 2023: Become a Product Leader - Training: You will learn what agile leadership means for you, where your product ownership level is and how you create product strategies. We show you how to combine discovery and delivery.
    There are still some tickets available!

Our service offering

Are you looking for agile training for you and your colleagues in the company? We have something for you! Our training and coaching offer is constantly growing. Take a look at Trainings - Mayflower GmbH. There you will find exciting trainings by practitioners for practitioners.

If you need OKR Consulting, head over to this slidedeck.

In case we can help you with Tech Consulting i.e. Cloud Transformation, Software Development, or cloud native, please let us (Mayflower) know

If you want to unleash the potential of AI for your company take a look at AI Readiness. If we can help you in any way contact us - data integration and privacy included.

So, we hope you found something exciting.
See you soon!