2023-02-24 Recap OKR Focus Hour #2

Because you liked the first OKR Focus Hour so much, the second one followed last Friday, on the 24th of February.
There were again exciting discussions and you were able to learn a lot from each other.

Heres some feedback from two participants:

Cool format and a lot of information in a short time

Thank you for sharing!
The format and moderation is great!

We have made the export of the Miro Board available for you to download here directly:
OKRFocusHour #2-Miroexport.pdf (842.3 KB)

The next date for the OKR Focus Hour is already set. On Friday, 24 March you can participate again and bring your problems around OKRs - in German this time:

Feel free to come by, we look forward to an interesting hour!

Kind regards

Your Agile Usergroup Team