2022.12: What a year 2022! But there´s more to come in 2023

Dear friends and members of our Agile Community,

It happend so quickly! The year 2022 is now over and a new year is dawning. The past year was very eventful and the new year will continue in exactly the same way!

Exciting Meetup topics (yes, we also have some English speaking meetups in the queue), workshops and a never-ending exchange with the community according to the motto: LEARN. CONNECT. SHARE!

Some of you have asked about the English language we use in the Newsletter: That’s because we want to inform the whole thagilehub Community about the last month and things to come!

If you would like to send us feedback directly by e-mail, you can also reach us at we@theagilehub.io.

We are excited and looking forward to the upcoming events with you!

And now we hope you enjoy reading,
Ben, Björn, Sonja and Dani from the AgileUFRA organising team.

Platform News

We made some changes and improvements at the theagilehub Platform:

  • Upgraded the base forum system to the newest version
  • Created a new documentation category for the “OKR Focus Day 2022” #okr:okr-focus-day-2022
  • Bugfix: If you collapse or close the big splash banner at the beginning of the page, the state will be remembered (cookies needed)
  • We introduced a “Question of the week” and “Summary of the week” both in German and English. Weekly questions that will help you guide you through your “agile week” and to reflect on
  • Event archive: You can now access the archive of our Agile meetups since 2021! Head over to #meetups-events:meetup-documentation and browse back to the 2021 meetups including slides and Miro board exports. You need to be a registered user on this platform to access the documentation

Review: The Mayflower OKR Focus Day 2022!

On 07.12.2022, the Mayflower OKR Focus Day provided exciting impulses and an interesting exchange on the topic of OKRs (Objectives & Key Results).

All sessions of the Open space were instructive. If you missed it, we have uploaded the recordings of the talks on Youtube and made all slides and the export of the miroboard available at OKR Focus Day 2022 - that was a blast!

Here is some feedback we got through the evening:

“Thank you for giving space to these inspiring sessions and talks.”

“Loved everything about this event, thank you so much.”

The last AgileUFRA Meetup 2022

The last Meetup of 2022 has taken place! You can find the downloads in the Meetup documentation if you missed it. To gain access you have to register first.

Winter break

The theagilehub-Team is taking a little Winterbreak from the 24th of December to the 6th of January. Nevertheless, you can continue exchanging and discuss everything that comes to your mind!
We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

What’s coming in 2023

As announced, there are a lot of things coming up in the next months. Here you can find the Meetup that is already fixed:

Grab your free tickets!

Our service offering

Are you looking for agile training for you and your colleagues in the company? We have something for you! Our training and coaching offer is constantly growing. Take a look at Trainings - Mayflower GmbH. There you will find exciting trainings by practitioners for practitioners.

If you need OKR Consulting, head over to this slidedeck.

In case we can help you with Tech Consulting i.e. Cloud Transformation, or Software Development, please let us (Mayflower) know.

So, we hope you found something exciting.

See you soon!