Which Liberating Structures do you use in practice?

Hello Community,

In the first Meetup 2023 we will deal with Liberating Structures. I would like to use this opportunity to start a discussion here in the forum.

Please feel free to report back:

  • Which Liberating Structures do you like to work with in practice, and why?
  • Do you use hacks or variations of Liberating Structures that you would like to share?

When I need to explore a problem and I have groups of a certain size, I am increasingly using Edward De Bono’s six-hat technique for thinking in Liberating Structures.
If there are more than 30 participants I structure it like a conversation café with six islands, one per hat.
If they are between 20 and 30 I organise six troika consultations in parallel, one per hat.
I introduce everything with an alignment structure (e.g. impromptu networking or drawing together) and conclude with a checkout structure (e.g. 15%, 421 or w3).
In 60 to 90 minutes you can get inside a problem in an extremely thorough manner, and the participants’ experience is always magical.
I highly recommend trying it out!

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