What is your favourite metric at the moment?

Dear product owners and product managers,

There are a lot of metrics that can simplify the life of a product owner.
That’s why I would like to find out which metrics you use regularly, how they help you in everyday life, and for which purpose you would recommend them.

So show me your metrics :blush:

My favourite metric is TimeToValue :slight_smile:


Beyond business specic metrics which don’t tell people doing different businesses anything it’s any kind for NPS and ROTI.

  • NPS: Would you as stakeholder recommend other stakeholders to work with this team to get things done?
  • ROTI: Did you get more value back from spending time on this topic than you had to invest into it?

Yes, both are quite subjective judgements, and depend on more than sheer technical performance. But that’s life - if I love a product or service but can’t relate to the people offering these then this is an important factor, especially in a B2B context. And when I am face with a less than perfect technical solution but deal with people in a trustful atmosphere more like friends than like contract parties I might in the end achieve more than in the opposite situation.

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Lead Time and Lead Time

Customer Effort Score, on specific product increments: “How easy was this for you?”
(asking customers about their experience)