Value Engine - Experience Exchange // How to start


I would like to experiment with the value engine in my team. Why I would like to have the value engine?

  • discovery and implementation in parallel
  • less workload in OKRs, we all know existing ideas and in the best case already tested them
  • being able to challenge ideas coming from outside during OKRs
  • close ideas we will not work on soon

My Plan for the experiment

  1. the team understands the idea of the value engine and decides to experiment with it (done)
  2. Provide overview about existing ideas
  3. Choose 1 idea to discover, build small discovery team
  4. Decide on how to do the discovery
  5. Discover idea (until hack)
  6. Retro on discovery

Happy to get feedback on my plan :slight_smile:
I would also be interested in experiences with the value engine in general (e.g. should there be fixed time slots per week where time is spent on discovery,…)?


Hi Anne,

I would especially be interested in how you are doing the tracing of the ideas and their life cycle. If you’re using jira my interest would increase even further :wink:

I don’t have any experience with the value engine, but I like the general idea.


We are currently experimenting with Miro because our JIRA project doesn’t have the proper statuses to seperate the ideas properly into the columns…

Status Update: We went through the ideas last week (the team liked it a lot and we killed one idea at least and pulled 5 ideas into the preparation column) but now the question is how to move on :wink: Let’s see. I think I will ask the team who wants to work on which idea.

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If you have a specific goal using this tool, a concrete problem you want to solve with it, then the next step is often automatically obvious. If you just want to play with it, then every tool loses its strength.

Sometimes Miro is the better choice, yep, but for the right reasons :wink: (Recommend to use Jira with a simplified workflow so that you are more fluid with creating and using statuses for yourself)

Regarding your plan: what timeframe do you see for step 2 until step 6?