TOP 3 Learnings from working with OKR

When introducing new methods and frameworks, you always learn something new. OKR is of course no exception.

In this topic, I would therefore like to talk about your learnings when working with or introducing OKR.

I’ll make a start. These are my TOP 3 learnings (or don’t do it like this :wink:)

  • Too many objectives and key results are defined. This makes it virtually impossible to focus and achieve the OKR.
  • OKRs are set by management alone. There is no participation in the elaboration with the rest of the organization.
  • An attempt is made to use OKR to achieve operational project work instead of strategic change.

Which ones do you have?

  1. Don’t try to sell the concept of OKRs to people who don’t understand how their organisation works - typically C-Level executive types
  2. Directly engage people who say things like “oh, these are just like goals and objectives we used to do in the past” - they are not the same at all but you have to have the tedious debate with people otherwise they will interpret them wrongly.
  3. Brief people up front that the first OKR iteration will likely be crap - but it is used to calibrate the team - subsequent OKR are much better.

Hi @nunpacker ,
I like your points.
Especially the 3rd point is really true! But there is no alternative. You have to go through it to learn and improve the coming OKR cycles :+1:.