Thanks for having me ❤

Hey there!

My name is Chrissy, a so called „Rheinische Frohnatur“ living in Lower Franconia. :laughing:

I always tried to empower people, to come up with their thoughts, ideas and knowledge.
So I was totally inspired by the passion of the people I met on the events of the Agile Community organized by Mayflower. With every piece of knowledge I gained, I thought more about working surrounded by people who share a vision of appreciation, feedback, communication, openness, respect, and the need for expanding knowledge. And it became my next goal to achieve.

After 10 years in project management on the public sector, I set out to find such an environment. In my current job as an IT Consultant, I take on various roles where my general skills are needed. By now, I’m a small step closer to my personal goal.

Thanks for having me :heart:

My English got a bit rusty over time. :see_no_evil:


Hey Chrissy,

thanks for joining us!! And I love your Rheinische-Frohnatur-Attitude :slight_smile:


We all love Chrissy’s „Rheinische Frohnatur“ nature! :hugs: