Some questions in preparation

Some questions for the focus day, which may lead to helpful discussions and a collection of positive and negative practical experiences when applying different approaches:

  1. How do OKRs relate to each other and evolve along the timeline, e.g.:
    • Should a KR be achieved within a quarter, resectively how to deal with longer lasting efforts?
    • How do quarterly relate to yearly OKRs?
    • What timeline and what set of meetings/calibration works well?
  2. (When) Should aspirational objectives be dropped, if not fulfilled?
  3. Is operational/committed vs aspirational goals the best distinction for un-stretched vs. stretched (i.e. expectation 60-70%) goals?
    • Citation: “100% became factual target in some parts of Google”
  4. Do streched goals cause more good or more harm in general?
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Should OKRs be tuned to the natural cadence of an organisation? The natural cadence is typically how long it takes to take a thing through all the hoops that have to be jumped through. In public sector this tends to be about 6-8 weeks. I found tuning to the natural cadence to be quite helpful but have only done this at a team level - not scaled across the wider organisation.