Question of the week: remote or at the office?

Dear Community,

slowly our winter months are ending, hurray. Everything is waking up

Besides, it’s Monday, so here’s the latest question of the week.

Working remotely or live together on site? Where do you stand on that right now? What are your insights from the last few years and what does it take for you right now? What do you feel comfortable with and what would you say is also important for a team right now? Why?

If you feel like jumping into this this week, I’d love to hear from you.

Best regards, Dani

Well, that is an easy one: Whatever a person feels is the best place to create maximum value.

If I don’t trust employees or colleagues to make the best choice in terms of location, what else would I trust them with, to create value in the first place?

Therefore: You decide, yourself :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with Christoph’s point, it’s about where the team feels that it’s most efficient and effective. There is a place for the organisation and leaders to provide forums and frameworks for providing quality time for teams (a reason to be in the office), but more as opportunities than direction.