Learn, share and care - this is me: Frank - seasoned Scrum Master based in the Rhein-Neckar-Delta :)


I am a freelance Scrum Master | Consultant | Agile Coach (?) with quite encompassing life and professional experience: teams of 5 to +100 people in different domains and industries. The agile values are key to me when it comes to building great teams.

Likewise important: regardless of the agile methodology - I take them as a highly adjustable framework (not a rule set) and adjust it to the respective client / team.

It would be great to connect with people from different disciplines and learn from each other on this platform. Thus: feel free to reach out to me any time. I try to respond as soon as I can.

Profile summary:
+30 years of professional experience, thereof +15 yrs in IT Project Management
About 8 years as Scrum Master and other positions with “some sort of agile aspects :)”
In addition, I can bring it experience as IT Interim Manager for small and midsize companies
My industry experience covers:
Automotive, pharma, life sciences, CAFM / CREM, utilities, B2B software & high tech
I take on projects of more or less any kind:
Local, regional, DACH region, Europe, word-wide.
Companies and organisations of all sizes: from start-ups to multinationals
Spot consulting / reviews of agile teams or planned transformations to long-term engagements
Next to my IT background, I am adept in B2B marketing: from strategy to execution.
Sounds interesting? Let’s talk :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community, Frank! :wave:

Thank you for the warm welcome and providing the platform as such :slight_smile:

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Hey Frank,

thanks for your posting and nice to have you here!

Have a great day!


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@frank.sattler, what’s your opinion / experience on the success of Agile values, principles & practices in the automotive area? At yesterday’s tool4agile teams conference I had a small chat with somebody agreeing to my POV that agile & automotive (esp. here at Germany’s OEMs) is worse than ever.

First of all: let’s ensure that we talk about the same segments within the “automotive” industry: in my case, my experience is related to sales, service and marketing from a leading brand. To a smaller degree, I have tested software from the head unit in a concept car back in 2019.

For sales, service and marketing, we operated in a full Scrum mode (I was the Scrum Master :)). Initially about 7 staff, at the end about +40. This went really well. A key success factor was the team by the vendor I have worked with: they have had their staff trained on the methodology and kept investing into their agile mindset with different activities.
→ So agile values, mindest and methodology have been on their radar and has led to good if not even great results.

For the head unit, the story was totally different. This was rather “waterfallish” with numerous challenges such as org structure etc.
→ here, no agile values have been visibile to me. This org units I have dealt with were based in Southern Europe, the consulting / development partner was a different one.

Btw: this is not a complaint as the related processes are rather complex. Orchestrating all involved parties while ensuring that the customers (in this case: car buyers and drivers) have a smooth UX, that the software is “maintainable” for the vendor, the garages, the dealer network, etc etc - is everything but simple.

If someone would ask me what my preferred approach looks like? “ScrumBan” as a hybrid model.

Document requirements, security standards such as TISAX, user experience, designers,…