Hello Community, I'm Holger (Scrum Master and Agile Coach)

Hello Community!
My name is Holger! I have been working as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach on a self-employed basis for a few years now.
I come from software development.
After some time I discovered my passion for IT project management and then for Agile project management.
In particular, I am passionate about Agile scaling frameworks and often implement them in a customer context.
My personal preference is for the SAFe framework, but I am also making friends with LeSS :wink:
For me, networking is a great way to share my knowledge and learn from each other.
In the digital age I do this internationally and like to attend e.g. virtual LeSS events in New York, SAFe trainings in Dallas and Bangalore, or meetups in Lower Franconia! :slight_smile:
I live with my wife and my two sons (18 and 15) in Nuremberg.
I am happy to be here and am looking forward to exciting and valuable discussions!


Hey Holger, nice to have you here! Thanks for joining our new community!
And Meetups in Lower Franconia sound good, too ;-)))))

Have a nice day!

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Hey Daniela!
Thank you for the warm welcome! I like it to be here!
Have a nice rest of the day too!

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