Have a big Lego box with lot of options

At this year’s tools4agileteams Conference I listened to Jurgen Appelo’s talk about the unFix organisation model, ahum, pattern library.

There were some questions from the audience. Some compared unFix to #SAFe as both seem to be very large (at least to the person who asked the question).

Jurgen’s stance on this: The difference is that unFix is full of options. If you’ve got a big Lego[tm| box weighing 100kg and thousands of bricks, you could create lot of things. If you’ve got only a small Lego[tm| box with 10 bricks, you could possibly only build one thing.

I don’t want to bash on SAFe here. The SAFe model tries to create a holistic model through a collection of different bits and pieces (from OKR to Lean Portfolio, Design Thinking, Scrum, Kanban flow etc.etc.) and ties them together, creating different versions for essential / small / large.

unFIX, to the contrast, from my understanding is “just” a pattern library for organizational / team design. Of course you need further things, but the good thing is: you can combine different patterns depending on your needs. You don’t need to use the full 100kg Lego[tm| box to achieve your need. Just pick the pieces and combine them together in a clever way. Experiment, Inspect & Adapt.

So, I if you would like to compare unFIX to other pattern libraries, have a look at the Sociocracy 3.0 model, ahum, pattern library. :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on this?

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It was not only an interesting, but also quite funny keynote from Jurgen Appelo and I like his idea/model of the unFIX pattern library a lot.
As you said, @bjoern.schotte , the main task would be to comine the options in a clever way.
Here is the link to Jurgen’s keynote: KEYNOTE: Versatile Organization Design with the unFIX Model (T4AT 2022) - YouTube