Happy Christmas and a plug!

Season’s greetings all!

This mornings mail dropped in at just rhe right time. I’m in the process of relaunching Retrospective DIalogue Sheets.

If you have not seen them before they are a retrospective on a single sheet of paper - well, it is a A1 sheet so 8 times bigger than most sheets. The sheet is preinted with instructions and prompts to guide the team through the retrospective.

Using the sheet you can hold a facilitator-less retrospective - the team self-orginize. Scrum Masters, Coaches and Project Managers can all take part in the retrospective and the power dynamics are quite different.
The sheets are great for getting everyone to talk and refreshing retrospectives that might have become repetitive.

The reason for the relaunch is that I have a new supplier of the printed sheets. You can still download the PDF for free (dialoguesheets.com) and now you can buy printed ones from Agile Stationery who have also done a mark-over of the Sprint Retrospective sheets.
Ifyou want the printed sheet use the code LAUNCH to get 33% off the usual price.
Retrospective Dialogue Sheet (A1) by Allan Kelly – Agile Stationery

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