Frage der Woche: Stakeholder Management

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Wenn du PO bist oder wärst - was macht für dich gutes Stakeholder-Management aus? Woran würdest du erkennen, dass es gut läuft?

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There are at least two viewpoint.

  • Pragmatic or factual viewpoint: It should be balanced. I.e. the influence of the different stakeholders matches the overall goal for the product or project. (The opposite would be, if loud minorities are the only ones heard neglecting important aspects of the overall goal.)
  • Emotional or motivational viewpoint: Every stakeholder should feel heard. This does not mean, that they always get what they want, but that it is transparent to them, why e.g. “their feature”, might have a lower priority.

I (as development manager) frequently used to assign percentage budgets for each stakeholders (in product development, e.g. product management, support, development, QA, …) from which they could then decide (“buy”) back log items for the next release. This requires, that bugs, technical debt, etc. is as well reflected in the backlog. The percentage was transparent to all as a pie chart and the method was usually well perceived.

In Scrum theory, the PO is the sole decision authority for prioritizing the backlog. In practice, their background is usually in only one stakeholder area (e.g. product management) with blind spots in the others.

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