2024.02 : Spring, new Meetups and a new OKR event are just around the corner

Dear friends and members of our Agile Community,

With the beginning of March, we would like to extend a warm greeting to you and welcome you to our latest newsletter. The March often symbolizes a new beginning, a time of growth and change. We have also made a productive start to the new year with 4 Meetups and an agiles Handbuch so far and are working on finding new interesting Meetup topics.

Past AgileUFRA Meetup:

January 30th: “Leadership und Mantras ? Unbedingt !”
February 13th : “Gemeinsam zum zielgerichteten OKR - Set”
February 27th : “Prozessmodellierung mit Domain Storytelling”

If you missed a Meetup we have made all the documents available to you in the private category: Meetup documentation. To access these documents, you need to register on TAH first!

Community News

  • Do you already know our agile handbook? All meetup summaries and the slides of the individual meetups are summarised in one document. Click here to download it for free: Agiles Handbuch Q4/23

  • A few new articles have gone online on the Mayflower blog. The topics in the blog range from AI and cloud to agile topics. Sounds interesting to you? Then this way : https://blog.mayflower.de/

  • The OKR Focus Day will take place on 14th april. It’s an event for OKR practitioners who want to introduce, support and effectively implement Objectives & Key Results as an agile target framework in their organisation.

What’s coming in the next time

We already planned new Meetups. Safe the date if theres a topic you like and leave us feedback in the comments if you have any more suggestions for us:

March 12th : “Team Performance Measurement - Fluch oder Segen ?”
Grab your free ticket!

Our service offering

Are you looking for a training where you will learn what agile leadership can do for you, where your product ownership level stands and how to create product strategies. Then you should have a look at our “Become a Product Leader” Training.

If you need OKR Consulting, head over to this slidedeck.

In case we can help you with Tech Consulting i.e. Cloud Transformation, or Software Development, please let us (Mayflower) know.

By the way: Ever thought about giving your software a much-needed makeover but kept pushing it off? Struggling to navigate the maze of choosing the right, future-proof technologies and methods? And let’s not forget the daunting task of evaluating the risks, costs, and potential that come with such decisions. If this sounds familiar, check out our latest whitepaper (verlinken auf: Whitepaper: Software-Modernisierung - Mayflower GmbH) titled “Why Modernization Fails.” We dive deep into these exact challenges!

So, we hope you found something exciting.
See you soon!