2023.03: First quarter over, 500 Members! 🌸

Dear friends and members of our Agile Community,

We made it through the first quarter of 2023! Time flies - Since we made the platform available to you in November, 500 agile people have already registered! Thank you!

We would like to pick you up from what has happened in the last month and give you a little sneak peek into April, so be curious. Interesting events are coming up, maybe even in real life?

If you would like to send us feedback directly by e-mail, you can reach us at we@theagilehub.io.

We are excited and looking forward to the upcoming events with you!

And now we hope you enjoy reading,
Ben, Björn, Sonja and Dani from the AgileUFRA organising team.

Platform News

We want to tell you what is new on theagilehub Platform:

  • Ticketing: the Xing Event manager is closed now, what means that pretix will from now on be our number one tool for ticketing!

  • 500 Members: We reached the 500 mark on theagilehub. Many interesting people have already come together here to discuss and network, which makes us very happy. It can go on like this:)

Community News

  • Mayflower Product Owner Camp 2023: The central community event in open space format for all product-relevant roles who want to train and exchange with peers in an agile context. The presale has started. Get your ticket now! And remember our promo codes :wink:

  • Agile Games: Our series of events on Agile Games is being diligently continued. In this quarter, we again acquired agile know-how together through games. It was a lot of fun. If you didn’t have time this quarter, you’re welcome to join us again next time, we’re looking forward to it!

Sneakpeak: AgileUFRA Ontour-Meetups

We don’t want to give too much away yet, but maybe we’ll see each other in real life very soon! Crazy, isn’t it? We would like to start our “Ontour - Meetups” in the next quarter :slight_smile: Is that something for you? We would be very happy to meet some of you in real life. Stay tuned - maybe it will happen sooner than you think.

Past AgileUFRA Meetups:

If you missed a Meetup we have made all the documents available to you in the private category: Meetup documentation. To access these documents, you need to register on TAH first!

What’s coming in the next time

We already planned the next few Meetups. Safe the dates if theres a topic you like and leave us feedback in the comments if you have any more suggestions for us:

Grab your free tickets as soon as we upload them!

Our service offering

Are you looking for agile training for you and your colleagues in the company? We have something for you! Our training and coaching offer is constantly growing. Take a look at Trainings - Mayflower GmbH. There you will find exciting trainings by practitioners for practitioners.

If you need OKR Consulting, head over to this slidedeck.

In case we can help you with Tech Consulting i.e. Cloud Transformation, or Software Development, please let us (Mayflower) know

So, we hope you found something exciting.
See you soon!