2023-01-31 Recap Meetup "Honey, I shrunk the backlog"

Dear participant,

Thank you for your participation and active contribution to our Meetup with @Allan_Kelly: “Honey, I shrunk the backlog”.

We have made the relevant information (export of the Miro Board) and the slides from Allans impulse talk available to you directly on our Meetup documentation (registration required) here on theagilehub.

We would also like to thank again those who bought a ticket for our fundraiser. First quarter donations will go to: Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V.- Winterhilfe: https://www.welthungerhilfe.de/winterhilfe-spende

After the Meetup, is before the Meetup:

On Valentine’s Day we continue in German with the topic: “Schenke deinem Team etwas Liebe <3”
In times when work has shifted strongly to the home office and towards remote working, it is important to put the previous methods for team building to the test.

The Meetup is already online and you can register:

Schenke Deinem Team etwas Liebe

Feel free to come by, we are looking forward to an interesting evening!

Kind regards

Your Agile Usergroup Team