2023-01-31: New Meetup "Honey, I shrunk the backlog"

Dear Community,

on 31.01 at 6pm (German time) the #agileUFRA will host the next remote event:

Honey, I shrunk the backlog

Many successful teams are delivering backlog items everyday but their backlogs aren’t getting any smaller. In this presentation Allan “Nuke the backlog” Kelly suggests you rethink the very idea of the backlog and rebuild your agile process around outcomes. You have nothing to loose by your burn-down charts.

All further details as well as the registration for the Meetup can be found directly on the event page:

We are looking forward to an exciting evening with you!

Many greetings
Sonja Kramer and the whole Agile Usergroup Team


Looking forward to the event!

A meta comment: registration through Xing is a pain - for me :sweat_smile:

  • “Login with Xing” to prefill the form does not work with my Firefox/ uBlock setup. I just see a popup and a redirect to a still empty form.
  • After manually finishing the registration, I get an error screen from Xing… And an email about my successful registration :man_shrugging:

I’m sure you will manage this for the meetups until end of March. :slight_smile: Afterwards, we’ll have switched to a new ticketing system which we’ll integrate in the upcoming weeks.

And great to see you at the event! :+1:

I attended at this great talk in another community in the past. Allan addresses many misconceptions in agile product management in this talk. I strongly recommend it to everybody, POs, Scrum Masters, Stakeholder, etc…Even a lot of issues for laughing (or crying?)!


I’d wish I coud take part in this meet-up but it seems that I’m not able to register for it. How can I join today?
Cheers Gudrun

Hi, the Meetup is already running, If you want to join you can send us a Mail to consulting@teams.mayflower.de and I share the link with you :slight_smile: